Personal Accounting & Advisory

Of course, we do the obvious – your tax return. But we also go the extra mile, and look after so much more than just your tax.

At J&T we focus on creating a sustainable financial future, not just doing your tax. We sit down with you and figure out why you’re working, what your goals are and plot out a few different ways of getting there. You end up feeling much more in control of your finances, with a measurable objective for your financial future.

To book your free LifePlan consultation, contact us.

From your LifePlan, we can also help with Estate Planning and even help to get you sorted out with a suitable Will.

If you’re an individual who also happens to own a business, see how we take care of more than just your business.

Other ways we can help create and build your personal wealth include:

  • SMSF Establishment and Administration
  • Financial Planning
  • Investment Portfolio Management
  • Property Investment Services